What is e-Commerce for Kids (ecommkids)? 

We empower kids through e-Commerce by partnering with successful e-commerce stores, and their founders, to help craft entrepreneurial experiences for kids (ages 5-14+) through online, video based, at-your-own-pace courses. 

FAQs related to our July '18 course: Designing & Selling Your Own Mermaid Pillow

Q. What will my child get out of this course?

A. First, they will get their actual mermaid pillow that they design included in this cost of this course. We will ship it directly to you 2-4 weeks after you approve the design. Next, they get $5.00 back every time their pillow is ordered on our website (mermaidpillowco.com). Finally, they get an experience of a lifetime: a 5-part online course that equips them with the mindset and tools they need to start and grow their own e-commerce store.

Q. Will you help my child design the pillow?
A. Yes. Our preference is that your child does the best they can do on the design (whether that's drawing it on paper or designing on a computer) in order to provide them the most value from this course. But once they share their design with our designers, we will create the final design for their pillow which is inspired by your child's original design.

Q. Will my child make actual money from the pillow they sell?
A. It's very likely. They will have two options: 
Option 1: They get $5.00 back for every pillow that's sold on our website
Option 2: They can donate that same $5.00 per pillow to one of our charities (listed in the course) and we'll make the donation in your name or your child's name. *Any payments are paid directly to the parent or guardian via PayPal or check.

Q. Can more than one child take the course and design one pillow together?
A. Yes! Multiple children can take the course for a total of $199 but it will be limited to (1) pillow design. If each child will be creating and selling their own pillow then the cost is $199 per child. Discounts are available for groups/camps/classrooms. Please Email tom@mermaidpillowco.com for group rates.

Q. How long will it take to complete the course?
A. The course is designed to be taken at whatever pace your child is comfortable. On average, children spend around 30-90 minutes per day for a total of 5 days.

Q. How much is it?
A. $199 per child. As part of the $199 fee, your child will receive the actual mermaid pillow they create following the completion of the course.

Q. How is the course structured?
A. It's primarily video. There are also text summaries and downloads/worksheets in each video course.

Q. Is this for parents, too?
A. It's designed for kids ages 5-14 but we strongly encourage parents to participate. It's an experience your child will never forget and having you there to help guide them, brainstorm with them, etc. will make it that much more memorable.

Q. Will I get an actual mermaid pillow from this course?

A. Yes! As part of the price you pay for this course, your child will receive the actual mermaid pillow that they design through this course.

Q. Can individuals and schools participate?
A. Yes! Both individuals and/or classrooms can participate, as well as other clubs and organizations interested in learning about e-Commerce.