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Join us for a (free) LIVE Webinar with Tom Sailors, Co-Founder of e-Commerce for Kids & Mermaid Pillow Co who will be answering your questions on our newest online course -- e-Commerce for Kids: Designing & Selling Your Own Mermaid Pillow -- where kids get to design their own pillow; learn to script & shoot a marketing video; and, actually sell their pillow on Mermaid Pillow Co and earn $5.00 back for each pillow sold. 

Important: Attending the webinar TODAY is the only way to sign-up for this online course, and it will not be available again until August.

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"Seriously, take a few minutes and attend this webinar. Ask questions or just watch. My son and daughter gained so much knowledge and confidence in their creative abilities after taking this course. I have since enrolled in code school, which is perfect because now while they're learning code, they're better equipped to envision how they might use their coding skills to help build their next eCommerce store. Forever grateful!" 


About This Online Course

Kids (ages 4-15+) learn to design and market their own mermaid pillow in a 10-part online course lead by Tom Sailors, Co-Founder of Mermaid Pillow Co. 

Tom Sailors, father of four and entrepreneur, leads this 10-part, video-based online course, which breaks down the step-by-step process they he & his wife, Tracy, along with their two daughters (7, 9) used in starting, running and growing Mermaid Pillow Co from 0 to 300,000 pillows sold in the first 18 months of business.

In short, this is an entrepreneurial experience for kids ages 5-14+ that walks them through designing their own mermaid pillow; scripting and shooting their own marketing video; and even lists their mermaid pillow on - where kids will earn $5.00 back for every pillow they sell, or they can donate this $5.00 to a charity of their choice.